Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy:
Conditions of use the website GOGALAND
GOGALAND is a website. The name of domain is WWW.GOGALAND.COM owned and regulated by Flus Company for advertising centered in the advertising area – Abu Dhabi – in front of Ministry of Education behind Ministry of Labor next to Khalifa Park. Site includes advertising gates about properties, cars, vacancies, collectables, works guide, occasions, offers and discounts in the commercial markets.
Conditions of use are as an agreement between the two parties, the first one is Site GOGALAND and another one is site user if he is a visitor or registered user.
Just entering the second party site and browse it and register his data as a user to take advantage of advertising services, he has agreed to the conditions of use of all the details.
Definition of vocabularies passes us in conditions of use:
Administration means the official in charge of the operating company for the services the site and who manage the site directly and the same meaning if it is mentioned expression administration of site, it is intended to the administration of site GOGALAND.
Properties: It means ads gate concerning to Properties that was advertising for Properties owners or institutions and companies involved and requests for users of Properties.
Cars: It means ads gate concerning cars and vehicles of all kinds and forms that if advertisements were for car owners or institutions and concerned companies, and the user requests for cars in all its forms.
Vacancies: It means ads gate concerning Vacancies that were advertising companies or institutions that need to labor and staff in all specialties users or requests for jobs.

Collectibles: It means ads gate concerning collectibles of all kinds and forms that if advertisings for the owners of holdings or requests wishing to acquire the different needs and it is as a GOGALAND market where the user and the new mission and important services.
Business Guide: It means ads gate concerning commercial activities in all subdivisions or wanting requests to buy or rent a specific substance or requests certain services.
Occasions and offers: They mean ads gate concerning small, medium and large business markets, which have offers and discounts in a specified period, as well as important occasion’s gate in all cases of user interest.
Opinions and suggestions: They are observations that notation user and sends that belonged to develop the site or idea or note or mention any error was serious or opinion, suggestion or complaint or inquiry. And be answered after an in depth study and tell blogger for the results.
Register: It is an Icon that user data is registering who wants to participate in the site services.
Registered User: Everyone has registered his personal data in GOGALAND.
Login: It is Icon through which access to the site is the user can list or edit or delete or buy balance and points to list a distinctive Ad.
GOGALAND Points: financial balance in the form of points obtained by the user through the payment of a deposit in the company that owns the site to meet the inclusion of distinctive different ads on the site account. And can be purchased GOGALAND points after registering as a user on the site and therefore if you want a specific request regarding one site services to include but not request a property or when you place the Ads within the site.
Site Administration is always seeing to develop the site to meet the needs of users in main cases and services offered by the site, and the administration studying granting points distinguished advertisers qualify to earn a distinctive advertising and free bonuses estimated by the administration later.
User can browses for free and give expression freely about his opinion to the site and second party is entitled to make suggestions, complaints and observations inquiries of any kind with respect to the content of the services offered by the site, and the first party website clearly respond administration and as quickly as you can normal be on the same day or the same time exception of special cases estimated by the administration and that need to be in the respond for more details or when clicking on the site by other users and with all case up to the second party notice.
Second Party agrees that the Flus Company for advertising is the owner of intellectual property rights on the site.
Second Party agrees that the registered data and sent by him was that data, information or images, video, or the voices of special exclusive site are the property kept in the specifics of the site and has no right to the second party to claim compensation or any material or moral.
No right to the second party that copies the data that was information or photos, video or special voices exclusive property site or distributed, reproduced, sold or rented out It is prohibited edited on any content of other users.
The first party also cannot edit users’ data or change them without the approval of the second party or be contrary to the laws and regulations.
Second party has no right to access the site in ways that penetrate and Computer crime is a first party of the right to prosecute the perpetrators.

The first party has right to copy the data that was information or photos, video, or special voices, reproduce, distribute, display or modify it and use it as it sees fit administration and does not contradict with law.
Prevents the publication of any advertisement or list data in any way violate the international law or federal, national or local or special copyright, patents, trademarks, intellectual property rights.
GOGALAND is irresponsible for any data or information in any form placed by a user or guarantees it in his ad or request violates its property rights belonging to another user.
In case of doubt, in violation of property rights or publication does not interfere site GOGALAND in this publication and can be deleted after presenting a final judgment of the court.
Second Party accept communicate with other users about the data listed in the site, which concerning him.
The first party is irresponsible for the data to be listed by the second party that was the information or images, video, or voices, but in the case of violating regulations and laws.
First Party has the right to reject any data which are offered by the second party that was the information or images, video, or voices, especially in the case of any violation of laws and regulations.
First Party has the right to stop any account user offends to use the site properly assessed by the administration and damage the site and other users are User Account liquidation if it has stock GOGALAND points and bring the rest of the value of the ads if not used by a user in listing his ad or data.
First party has right to update and develop the services provided to users without any right of objection from the second party that was development in the form or content, although in condition of use or view the data or the cost of advertising of all kinds.

First Party has no right to publish data or advertisements if the second party does not pay the value of advertising or listing data in the agreed within the site or through the involvement of contracts between the parties.
The agreed data and ads are listed upon receipt of the first party to confirm payment of the second party, directly or by an agreed between the parties and the mediator.
Second Party has the right to list an unlimited number of ads paid distinctive value and included more than a declaration in more than one section, provided it complies with the content of any announcement may not be placing an ad in the automotive and property as well as the announcement may not be placed between the studio villas.
First party accept to provide all facilities to the second party in listing normal data or regular ads in the method of buying points and balance or through the list ad and data across delegates or contact with the site administration or the means listed on the website or agreement of the parties on the appropriate means for connection.
Second party has been noticed by the first party about number of deserved ads as the agreed amount, and the second party receives reminding notice of the number of published advertisements and the number of deserved remaining and in the agreed manner by the two parties.
First Party has right to stop the registered user account if escape from pay agreed dues to place an ad or request or any data within the website.
If the amounts agreed large the administration appreciates. First party has right to sue the defaulting pay dues on time.

First party has right to change the values of ads costs and the list of data In case of an emergency or a change in the values of the ads costs the contract signed last advance on the same agreement until the end of the contract and if the parties agreed to renew the contract is applied to the price list and advertising costs and the list the updated data.
The second party has right to cancel or stop their account until further notice and is settling accounts and natural settled amicably in accordance with the agreement between the parties, and if it was agreed to discount the cost of advertising offers or inclusions depending on periods when the liquidation value in the accounts without the offer by the days that were announced or listing where the web pages.
If the result of the closure of User Account for sabotage or manipulate the user and violating the condition of use or attempt to penetrate the site does not return the amounts deposited at the expense of the site is to sue User legal means.
Site is not responsible for the not successful ad displayed pages and not binding to achieve any success or failure, or take advantage of the publication of ad.
The second party has right to recover the amounts in case of any error in the process of buying points or prepaid balance. It is retrieved by the first party as he sees fit within a week of the error occurs.
Site (GOGALAND) is not responsible for the data and information provided by the advertiser for the user in any advertising space in any way with except data that violate laws and regulations, when the site administration see it as unavailable to publish on the site pages.
Site (GOGALAND) is irresponsible completely and under any circumstances for direct or indirect damages if they are incidental, consequential, special or exceptional arise from use of the site and its services the fact that the site provides an advertising service. It is a third party and advertising mediator does not interfere in the material and moral relations directly and not a main party among the users of the site.

Site (GOGALAND) is not responsible for any contents exist or available on the websites that have been listed in the site GOGALAND to take account of the user, display the service provided by the site to advertisers and users whose needs, the user is only one who responsible for all what he is doing actions during the use of any of the websites visited through the links on this site (GOGALAND).
First party has right to update the condition of use that appropriate with the agreement between all parties and within the laws and regulations and for users to see the updates and changes in the conditions of the site use.